50% of all monies raised goes to charity.



Kevin, October 2014

"If you are buying a product for your business, why not buy the same product through a company that helps those less fortunate!"

DSP, June 2014

"As times are financially hard and if like us they have cut down on charitable donations it is a way of giving to charity when buying necessities."

Marlyn, March 2014

"Essential, good quality products are supplied quickly and efficiently at very reasonable rates. Plus you will have done a "good deed" every time you make an order."

Alison, November 2013

"Keep up the good work you are doing fantastic job and we are happy that we can contribute even if its only a small amount. "

Hayley, July 2013

"Fast Delivery, Good Qty of Toilet Rolls for the Money and the donation is going to a great charity. Staff friendly and helpful on the telephone. "

R & S John’s, February 2013

"helpful, cheerful sales staff and quick service…. was unready to make an order so asked sales staff to call again in early feb and was pleased to say I was very impressed thank you"

Clive, December 2012

"easy ordering and mix of items make it worthwhile and you don't even have to leave your desk.."

Geoff, September 2012

"Excellent service and so much better than just giving money to charity by using Go Charitable you are still donating to worthy causes but you actually receive something to show for the donation"

Tracy, 28th June 2012

"Easy to order and pay. Quick delivery. The money goes towards a great charity, so it makes you feel like you've helped lots of children, just by ordering something that you use everyday."

Julia, 13th June 2012

"Service and people are second to none, friendly, helpful and really enthusiastic. Keep up the good work! "

Ali, 3rd June 2012

"Conviently delivered to your door, decent products, decent price and a well worth while cause. If your going to be buying the products anyway why not do a little for a charity whilst your at it!!"

Margaret, 7th April 2012

"It makes good business sense to support Starlight Childrens Foundation while purchasing office essentials. In these difficult economic times it is harder to make charitable donations from the limited business budget but this way companies can help through their purchase of your products."

Sue, 11th January 2012

"That the quality of the items are very good and you are helping a charity, the delivery service is excellent and the staff very helpful. You never have to chase for something. "

Jo, 4th November 2011

"The products are good quality, cost is good and it goes to a worthy cause. Staff are also very friendly and helpful. I always get a call to check if we are in need of any items. Fantastic charity, offering products that almost every business needs. Keep up the good work! "

Diane, 17th August 2011

"They can buy products they need at a reasonable price and at the same time support a worthwhile charitable cause. I was dissatisfied with the quality of the toilet rolls the time before last (we have been buying these for about four years now) and informed you of this. I was very pleased to see that last time the quality was much improved. I am waiting with anticipation to see the quality of my next consignment, which is due to be shipped any day now!"

Kate, 15th February 2011

"GoCharitable supply products you need, all for a very good cause. Cannot fault the delivery, price or customer care. Thanks for the excellent service we’ve received from yourselves!"